Episode #123: A Conversation about a Biblical Worldview

April 26, 2023 Saints Peter and Paul - Houghton, MI
Episode #123: A Conversation about a Biblical Worldview
Show Notes

In this week's episode, Aaron and Kevin discuss the importance of having a Biblical worldview that's centered in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

It is the resurrection of Jesus Christ that changes everything including our worldview. 

Many people in this world operate from a worldview of progress. They think that things are getting better and better and give it enough time and human ingenuity and things will continue to get better. 

Others have a worldview of despair where they think that this material world is all falling apart. Some would even say that the material world is evil and we just can't wait to get out of these bags of flesh and get onto our spiritual existence. 

Each of these worldviews borrow from Christianity so sometimes they look a bit Christian. And other times, the Christian church has mistakenly adopted these worldviews. 

In this podcast, Aaron and Kevin work on sorting this out for us. They also practically demonstrate how each worldview has results in this world.  That conversation leads Aaron and Kevin to talk about issues like abortion, euthanasia, social justice, and more. 

As always, it's our goal that you will take what you hear in this conversation and start a conversation with someone else. 

We hope you enjoy it!